Watch Chris Klafford’s Emotional Cover of ‘Imagine on ‘AGT’

Watch Chris Klafford's Emotional Cover of 'Imagine on 'AGT' 34

Think about a Nordic singer, delivering a beautiful model of a John Lennon traditional that instantly brings a tear to the attention. That is precisely what occurred when Chris Kläfford stopped by America’s Bought Expertise on Tuesday evening for a really particular audition. 

The hirsute Swede charmed the gang and judges earlier than sharing an acoustic cowl of Lennon’s “Imagine,” which accurately dripped with emotion.

“You sing from the heart,  you wear your heart onn your sleeve. We can all feel that,” remarked Howie Mandel after the efficiency. 

“I love people who can reinterpret a song, and you did something special,” famous Simon Cowell. 

Really feel the efficiency under.

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